Monday, March 4, 2013

1 Year of Celebration

Happy Birthday Twinners!
I am full of so many emotions today. I keep going back to a people that have really helped us make it through this crazy year. Some are other twin moms, who I feel may be the only other ones that understood the perdiciments we were in. We had meals dropped to use at the must unexpected times from angels. Friends taking kids for me so I could get sleep, or survive the day. Friends let me cry my exaustion out to them. A husband and father who could not have been more hands on, involved, understading and just plain amazing. Thank you to everyone who sent us uplifting mesages, picked up kids, watched the babies, brought us meals, cleaned my house, and most gratefully, showed my children love. I am full of joyful tears thinking how blessed I am to be trusted by the lord to have 2 babies at once. At one point we thought I may never carry our own child, and here I am with a home full of 3 amazing little healthy ones. 
It was a year of emotions but most often it was gratitude. Not eveyone gets to experience the entertaining moments twins bring. Daily, we watch these boys bond together. I watch them laugh at each other and cry at each other. The 2 little minds feed off each other and the mischief is hysterical to come across (overwhelming at times too).
I love these kids both indiviually for so many reasons. Their personaliites are night and day, but suits them each perfectly. I love everything about these munchkins. I laught that Bronson only eats paper and cheerios and Cruze eats anything and loves to top it off with a nap. 
Thank you babies for allowing me to love to wake every new day. Thank you friends for all the kind acts to help this year be a little easier. Thank you Heavenly Father for trusting us enough to have 2 sweet babies at one time. Thank you Tim for being more incredible than I ever thought possible.

Happy Birthday little men!


Rachelle said...

LOVED this post. I love seeing inside that huge, sweet heart of yours. Those boys are so blessed!!

Jessica Edison said...

Thee pictures are priceless! I don't know how I missed this before! The cake picture takes the cake... literally! I can't even believe they already passed their first birthday! Time really does fly:(.