Monday, March 4, 2013

1 Year of Celebration

Happy Birthday Twinners!
I am full of so many emotions today. I keep going back to a people that have really helped us make it through this crazy year. Some are other twin moms, who I feel may be the only other ones that understood the perdiciments we were in. We had meals dropped to use at the must unexpected times from angels. Friends taking kids for me so I could get sleep, or survive the day. Friends let me cry my exaustion out to them. A husband and father who could not have been more hands on, involved, understading and just plain amazing. Thank you to everyone who sent us uplifting mesages, picked up kids, watched the babies, brought us meals, cleaned my house, and most gratefully, showed my children love. I am full of joyful tears thinking how blessed I am to be trusted by the lord to have 2 babies at once. At one point we thought I may never carry our own child, and here I am with a home full of 3 amazing little healthy ones. 
It was a year of emotions but most often it was gratitude. Not eveyone gets to experience the entertaining moments twins bring. Daily, we watch these boys bond together. I watch them laugh at each other and cry at each other. The 2 little minds feed off each other and the mischief is hysterical to come across (overwhelming at times too).
I love these kids both indiviually for so many reasons. Their personaliites are night and day, but suits them each perfectly. I love everything about these munchkins. I laught that Bronson only eats paper and cheerios and Cruze eats anything and loves to top it off with a nap. 
Thank you babies for allowing me to love to wake every new day. Thank you friends for all the kind acts to help this year be a little easier. Thank you Heavenly Father for trusting us enough to have 2 sweet babies at one time. Thank you Tim for being more incredible than I ever thought possible.

Happy Birthday little men!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

lil cupids

My lil cupids are 11 months old! I'm just posting now (and I already have 12 months done), but I can't miss posting a month after I've gone this far. We choose the worst time of day, but  this was the best I could get.
Happy 11 months little men!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 months

I am just a little late getting these up on here, but honestly I'm not sure why. Everyone seems to have abandoned the blogging world. I feel committed to posting the pictures as the months fly by, even though I'm pretty sure my mom and grandma are the only ones looking at this blog still.
So, Mom and Grandma, here you go
Cruze man weighed in at 21 pounds!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

From our family

1 pregnancy old

These boys hit the big 9 month milestone (a few weeks late posintg, but the photos were taken in time!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 months

For your entertainment...
 C tipping the scale at 20.4 lbs

 B weighing in at 17.11 lbs

Halloween fun

We couldn't just do pumkins and bees for Halloween, we're just too intense for that.
I present:

(She was so excited to be a pricess, but everyday it changed to a different one)
*we lost the yellow headband, so why not blue?
This was the 1st Halloween that she really wanted to dress up and kind of understood trick or treating

We can only choose our twin boys' costume once (maybe twice) before they want to be superhero.
So instead of Spiderman and Batman, we have...

Wayne and Garth
 *Bumping bohemian Rhapsody (literally)
BFF's with their prince
We had a great but busy Halloween
1st: music class and Toddler Party
2nd: Lunch at Daddy's school
Next: Dinner with friends
Finally: Trick or treating with lots of friends

We had a great time! And I'm a fan of Halloween now that I'm a parent

The next day the Candy Fairy came and trader the candy for a present (Our teeth are thankful)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome Fall

Here's the 7 month pictures
Not a big shoot, by hubs/assistant was in Mexico so my momma filled in. I think she now has an appreciate for the torture I put these boys through each month

Worth it, don't you agree?
This guy cries every time I pull out the camera. This was the most he gave me

Thursday, September 20, 2012

6 months

(imagine this was not 2 weeks late)
26 weeks
182 Days

They all make me shed a tear about how fast this is all going 
(Not gonna lie, some days I shed a tear that it's only been 6 months. Just some days)

weighin in at 18lbs 14 oz!
and 16 lbs

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Moments

These are the things I would never change for anything in the world
A reminder of how blessed my life is and how entertaining it really is right now

*We B she doesn't need makeup like mommy because she still has on her Jesus makeup. I walked into this and she told me she was putting her Jesus makeup back on 
 Barbies anyone?

Runs a race and comes home to read
 We were blessed to have these 2 amazing people come visit (so much fun, but way too short)
This how I craft these days
Sleepy babies (a bit outdated)
The most entertaining pictures are on my phone 
(since I always have it on me to capture the unexpected)
I will get them off one day to share...but thought this is enough for 1 day